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Using advocacy, research, content development and media as a tool, we design and implement programmes and interventions towards behavioural change, opinion moulding and reorientation

Independent Media Investigation

Through in-depth reporting and unbiased analysis, independent journalists shed light on gender-related issues, exposing inequalities, discrimination, and human rights violations. These investigations aim to raise awareness, hold accountable those perpetuating gender-based injustices, and advocate for gender equality. By delving into various aspects of gender strategy, independent media investigations examine policy gaps, social norms, gender-based violence, and economic disparities. They amplify marginalized voices and highlight the experiences of women, non-binary individuals, and marginalized communities. Through their work, independent media investigations contribute to the development of inclusive policies, transformative approaches, and systemic change.

Independent Journalism

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Media Accountability

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Gender Equality Training

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Women's Empowerment

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Empowerment Programs

Our Empowerment programs play a crucial role in advancing gender strategy on an international level. These programs are designed to empower women, girls, and marginalized communities by providing them with the necessary tools, resources, and opportunities to thrive. Through capacity building, education, mentorship, and skills training, empowerment programs aim to break down barriers and promote gender equality. These programs focus on various aspects of gender strategy, including women's economic empowerment, leadership development, gender-based violence prevention, reproductive health, and political participation. By addressing systemic inequalities and promoting gender-responsive policies, empowerment programs contribute to creating a more inclusive and equitable society.

Social Impact Interventions

Our Social impact interventions play a pivotal role in advancing gender strategy on an international scale. These interventions aim to create positive and sustainable change by addressing systemic gender inequalities and promoting gender equality in all spheres of life. Through innovative programs, policy advocacy, and community engagement, social impact interventions work towards transforming social norms and promoting inclusivity. These interventions focus on areas such as education, health, economic empowerment, leadership development, and gender-based violence prevention. By implementing targeted initiatives, raising awareness, and fostering collaborations, social impact interventions contribute to the advancement of gender strategy and the creation of a more just and equal world.

Gender-based Violence Prevention

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Gender-sensitive Interventions


Gender Analysis


Gender Equality Impact Assessment



GSAI Research plays a crucial role in advancing gender strategy on an international level. Through rigorous and evidence-based studies, research contributes to a deeper understanding of gender dynamics, identifies areas of improvement, and informs the development of effective strategies and policies. Research in gender strategy covers a wide range of topics, including gender equality, women's rights, gender-based violence, gender stereotypes, women's economic empowerment, and women's political participation. It explores the complexities of gender issues, uncovers root causes of inequality, and provides insights for transformative change. By conducting research, sharing findings, and collaborating with stakeholders, research institutions and scholars contribute to the advancement of gender strategy and the promotion of gender equality worldwide.


Our training programs play a vital role in advancing gender strategy on an international scale. These programs aim to build capacity, raise awareness, and equip individuals and organizations with the knowledge and skills necessary to promote gender equality and drive positive change. Training in gender strategy covers various areas, including gender mainstreaming, gender analysis, gender-responsive programming, advocacy, and leadership development. It provides participants with tools to challenge gender norms, address discrimination, and implement gender-sensitive policies and practices. By offering training opportunities, capacity-building workshops, and knowledge-sharing platforms, training programs contribute to empowering individuals and fostering a network of gender champions who can advocate for gender equality and advance gender strategy globally.

Gender-sensitive Training


Gender-responsive Programs


Gender Equality Advocacy

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GSAI advocacy plays a vital role in advancing gender strategy on an international scale. It involves raising awareness, influencing policies, and mobilizing support to address gender inequalities and promote gender equality. Advocacy efforts in gender strategy focus on multiple fronts, including legislative reform, gender-responsive budgeting, women's rights, reproductive health, and ending gender-based violence. Advocates work tirelessly to ensure that gender issues are prioritized, women's voices are heard, and gender-responsive policies and programs are implemented. By engaging with policymakers, organizing campaigns, and collaborating with civil society organizations, advocates drive systemic change, challenge discriminatory practices, and promote gender justice.

Promoting gender equality and advancing gender strategy on a global scale.

We work tirelessly to challenge gender disparities, advocate for women's rights, and drive positive change in societies worldwide.

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